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Bose Room Match speaker

RoomMatch™ RM5505 array module loudspeaker RoomMatch™ RM5505 array module delivers superb audio quality for fixed-installations in almost any room size, shape, acoustic requirement or budget. Overcoming the acoustic limitations of both line array and point-source conventional designs, RoomMatch™ modules form a new class of curvilinear array that allows seamless audio quality, with consistent front-to-back and… Read More »

Symetrix 788 Room combiner

Selectively combine or separate automixing, paging and background music in up to eight (8) rooms in hotels, banquet halls, schools, and conference venues. Hospitality and meeting centers demand easily operated, yet sophisticated audio systems. Complete signal processing, automixing and combining of eight (8) microphones and four (4) background music (BGM) sources into as many as… Read More »

Jupiter by Symetrix, iPhone audio Controlled systems

Symetrix Audio Jupiter : Control the sound via your iPhone! A sound system can make or break a night club, and loudspeaker management is one of the most crucial determining factors. A properly built system will optimize signals for each speaker type, while handling time alignment, room equalization, and FIR filtering to correct for speaker… Read More »