Monthly Archives: March 2015

Universal Audio Console

  The video above shows the new Universal Audio Console, the Apollo Console 2.0. The Apollo interface gives you classic analog sound in digital format. While this interface was first introduced in 2012, it has continued to evolve into an award-winning console. The latest version provides operation through Thunderbolt, new plugins and 25 brand new,… Read More »

Roland Digital Mixer Systems

Say you’ve purchased a digital mixer, but it doesn’t have the I/O capabilities you need. Or maybe you need better I/O options AND you need a personal mixing system for your performers onstage. Well you’re in luck because Roland offers amazing digital mixer systems! These packages include a Roland mixer and various devices like the… Read More »

Differences Between Nexo GEO S12 and GEO S8 Speakers

Nexo line array speakers are famous for their quality sound reinforcement, and the GEO S12 and GEO S8 lines are no different. GEO S12 and GEO S8 speakers are as efficient as the come! The elegant, ergonomic cabinets house premium drivers that output clear, coherent audio. Patented technology ensures these loudspeakers give you your money’s… Read More »

Yamaha Nuage Pricing

A post-production system is truly professional when all of the individual components work together in harmony. The hardware and software need to function hand in hand, as well as allow for user configuration. The hardware needs to offer a smooth workflow, something that’s flexible and productive. Thankfully, there’s the Yamaha Nuage Integrated Audio Production System!… Read More »

Church CD Players

Churches and houses of worship can share their message with a solid live band, but what happens when music playback is needed? Church CD players range from outdated stereos to faulty systems. This leaves you vulnerable to CD skips and shocks, not to mention muddy audio. Don’t you wish your church CD player could function… Read More »

Nexo NXAMP for Sale

In the market for a power amplifier to drive your Nexo speaker system? Something that not only offers amazing drive and performance, but parameter control as well? Then you need to see the Nexo NXAMPs for sale at Muzeek World! These units provide a combination of parameter control, protection and amplification of all Nexo loudspeaker… Read More »