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Digico SD9 Compact Mixer

  The Digico SD9 is a complete, integrated system powered by Stealth Digital Processing™, which includes the mixing surface, a D-Rack digital stage interface and CAT5E digital multicore, with the additional ability to simultaneously record 56 channels direct to your favourite multitrack software or DAW. And it all comes at a price which makes the… Read More »

Demeter SSC-1U Silent Speaker Chamber Unloaded

  The Demeter SSC-1U Unloaded Silent Speaker Chamber is the answer for those trying to achieve a full bodied electric guitar sound without disturbing the neighbors or for use on-stage to reduce stage volume. Features include an adjustable built-in microphone stand with XLR output and 1/4″ input jacks on the exterior. Ideal for live recording… Read More »

Demeter VTMP-2C Microphone Preamplifier

The Demeter VTMP-2C Microphone Preamplifier brings out the BEST in your microphone collection with a clarity, warmth & depth you never realized was possible! The two channel unit is completely tube-based for a distinctively warm, but clean and quiet sound. It is designed to give the recording studio the unsurpassed sound of tube amplification in… Read More »

Midas Venice F16 Hybrid Digital/Analog Mixing Console

Bridging the gap between analogue and digital audio consoles, the Venice F16 Hybrid offers the user the ease-of-use, warmth, feel, and zero-latency of analogue, combined with the power, choice and flexibility of outboard digital processing. One look at the VeniceF confirms that this console is continuing the legacy established by the groundbreaking XL3 and XL4… Read More »

Midas XL48 Mic Preamp For Analogue and Digital Outputs

At Last! Now everyone can benefit from having the world’s bestloved live sound mic preamps at the top of their signal path. The new MIDAS XL48 packs eight MIDAS XL4 mic pres into a 1U box, complete with swept high and low pass filters, eight MIDAS XL8 A-D converters and a super-low-jitter 1ppm clock. Additional… Read More »

Midas Pro2 Digital Mixing Console. Compact. Intuitive. Midas!

Think of an audio mixing system which offers unprecedented levels of control integration in terms of speed and ease of workflow. Think of an audio mixing system which has the most intuitive, operator-driven user-interface yet imagined, yet costs no more than an ordinary console. Think of an audio mixing system which has all of this,… Read More »

Midas PRO1 Digital Mixer Tour Pack! Compact and Lightweight Frame

The PRO1 breaks new ground for MIDAS digital consoles, featuring an all-new, lightweight aluminium frame, PRO1 is the first stand-alone MIDAS digital console, and sets new standards of portability and performance for a “compact” digital console. Midas PRO1 Tour Pack and Midas PRO1 Install Pack are two most well know Live Audio Compact Professional Digital… Read More »