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Soundcraft SI1 Compact 24 Channel Digital Mixer

Are you with a Church, Music Venue, in a band, have a theatre or with a touring company or corporation in need of a compact digital mixer? With so many to choose from out there it can get a little hard on what the best fit is for your needs. The Soundcraft SI1 compact  24… Read More »

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Great Value

So as you know purchasing a digital mixer can get pricey.  32 channels for over 6k+ for some churches and establishments is over their budget. Well Muzeek World would like to introduce the new Behringer X32 fully functional 32 Channel Digital Console.  between $2000.00 and $3000.00 you can now afford a digital mixer with Midas… Read More »

Avid Euphonix MC Mix Artist Series offers greater speed and control

Artist Mix is an 8-fader control surface that offers greater speed and control than a mouse when mixing audio in any EUCON-enabled audio or video application. Get fast access to a variety of software functions right from the surface to adjust audio levels, plug-in parameters, panning, automation modes, and much more-with excellent visual feedback-all in… Read More »

Venue SC48 Compact Digital Mixer with Powerful Features

Get the amazing sound quality and rock-solid reliability of VENUE all in one compact console. Avid VENUE SC48 is a fully integrated live sound system that combines all I/O, digital signal processing, and tactile control into a single console, making it the most affordable and portable VENUE system yet. The console not only features the celebrated… Read More »

O1V96i Digital Mixing Console…Capture the perfect moment!

Sometimes everything just comes together—and when it does, the Yamaha 01V96i is there to capture that perfect moment for you in stunning 96kHz sound. Since its initial release in 1998, the 01V has been the mixer of choice for a wide variety of applications, ranging from recording and production environments to live sound and installation… Read More »

Yamaha M7CL-48 Digital Live Sound Mixing with the Comfort & Efficiency of Analog

Yamaha M7CL-48 Digital Mixer  The M7CL48 Channels, 31 Band Graphic EQ, Phantom Power, 4 Stereo Inputs, 16-Mix Buses, LCR Bus, 16 Omni Outputs, 4 Simultaneous Multi-Effect Processors. The Yamaha M7CL 48 contains the latest digital technology. The M7CL48 is a full-digital mixing console containing the latest digital technology, designed for installed systems or SR applications.… Read More »

Bose DS16F Commercial Ceiling Speaker

The Bose DS16F Ceiling loudspeaker can be installed quickly and simply due to its integrated mounting arms. Its versatile design makes it suitable for almost any ceiling installation: flush mounted above the ceiling, pendant mounted in open ceilings or installed in plenum spaces. The sound is a very vibrant and clean sound. If your looking… Read More »

Analog Way & Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship Houses of Worship can count on Analog Way’s user-friendly products to create a contemporary worship experience. Designed to meet the needs of any type of church, Analog Way’s Switchers will help capture the worshiper’s attention and convey the message to the audience. Worship Centers Analog Way developed a series of easy-to-use solutions… Read More »