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Pioneer XDJ-Aero

Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System The XDJ-AERO, the industry’s first* Wi-Fi® DJ system that can wirelessly play music tracks from smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. The XDJ-AERO enables users to mix and arrange their favorite music tracks stored on their smart devices via Wi-Fi, as well as on USB memory devices… Read More »

Pivitec In Ear Monitoring

Pivitec Stage Monitoring Excessive stage volume is a common problem in modern Houses of Worship and similar venues. Replace those wedges with a Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing System and create a more comfortable environment for your audience or congregation as well as your musicians and tech staff. Pivitec redefines the Personal Monitor Mixing System by offering components that are… Read More »

Yamaha StagePas 400i

Yamaha StagePas 400i Yamaha StagePas 400i , and the StagePas 600i are Yamahas brand new systems. They sound 10x better than the older systems and look sleeker. They  have found thier way in to Portable Churches, Live event companies, and the corporate Market. If you have a show that has an audience count of 50-500,… Read More »

JamHub Green Room System

JamHub GreenRoom Silent Headphones Monitoring Rehersal Studio System This is a must for anyone, band/ froup that needs to proactice and  noise level is an issue. Control your levels and jam as hard as you want. this is really an amazing system, its brings musicians closer together and at the same time making the mix… Read More »

Avid S3L Mixing Systems

The Avid SL3 Mixing Systems consists of 4 different systems: HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins, scalable remote I/O that can live on stage or in a rack, and a head-turning, compact control surface that’s built for the road, but equally at home in the studio. Avid Venue S3L System 16 channels Avid Venue S3L… Read More »

Roland Studio Capture

The Roland Studio Capture an amazing new product by Roland is one of the most powerfull USB Interfaces out there. Its a 16×10 made to sit right on your desktop. Great unit for Home studios, and permanent installations. As you know Roland has always made solid units and this is not anything other than a… Read More »

Roland a Leader in Digital Mixer Design

As you wander around the online or retail stores having a pursuit to buy the digital mixer, you would come across multiple digital mixers each one having diverse specifications and features. Visiting multiple store would make you aware of the advancements in the field of audio digital mixers. Each digital mixer is poles apart from… Read More »