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QSC Compact Digital Mixers

Today’s professional audio world is awash with digital mixers claiming to be compact. Sure, they’re compact in the sense that they take up half the space a digital mixing console uses. But what about if you need something that’s grab and go? What if you need a mixer that you can stuff in a bag… Read More »

QSC Active Powered KW Series Speakers

Active speakers, also known as powered speakers, are great devices to use in audio setups. They don’t require a power amplifier like passive speakers do. These kinds of units work well in both music and speech applications/environments. The KW Series from QSC features active speakers (or powered speakers) that function as mains or monitors. There… Read More »

QSC Active Powered K Series Speakers

Loudspeakers are essential components to any sound system. Active loudspeakers are even better because then your setup doesn’t need a power amplifier. But what do you do when you need portable powered speakers? Something you can take with you and set up quickly? You need to take a look at the K Series from QSC!… Read More »

Growing your Church Sound with QSC

The largest houses of worship weren’t always large. Most had humble origins in storefronts or high school gymnasiums. The growth of their ministries required vision and good stewardship of limited resources. At the same time, good speech intelligibility and inspirational music programs were also key success factors. These require quality, professional sound reinforcement. But how… Read More »