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Roland M-5000 Systems

Roland M-5000 Digital Mixing Systems are complete packages that feature the M-5000 Live Mixing Console and a variety of digital snakes, splitters, recorders, players and personal mixers. While the console on its own runs upwards of $22,000 (and that’s street price!), the digital mixing systems give you more bang for your buck by bundling in… Read More »

Roland Stage Pianos for Your Church

A church musical service requires capable instruments to convey a sermon’s message. And while churches have adopted guitars and brass instruments, nothing drives a musical service like a solid stage piano. But with innumerous models on the market, how can you tell the good from the bad? Lucky for you, Muzeek World waded through the… Read More »

Roland Digital Mixer Systems

Say you’ve purchased a digital mixer, but it doesn’t have the I/O capabilities you need. Or maybe you need better I/O options AND you need a personal mixing system for your performers onstage. Well you’re in luck because Roland offers amazing digital mixer systems! These packages include a Roland mixer and various devices like the… Read More »

Roland Studio Capture

The Roland Studio Capture an amazing new product by Roland is one of the most powerfull USB Interfaces out there. Its a 16×10 made to sit right on your desktop. Great unit for Home studios, and permanent installations. As you know Roland has always made solid units and this is not anything other than a… Read More »

Roland a Leader in Digital Mixer Design

As you wander around the online or retail stores having a pursuit to buy the digital mixer, you would come across multiple digital mixers each one having diverse specifications and features. Visiting multiple store would make you aware of the advancements in the field of audio digital mixers. Each digital mixer is poles apart from… Read More »