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Empirical Labs EQ and Mic Preamp

High quality equalizers and microphone preamplifiers are hard to come by in today’s oversaturated market. Luckily there are Empirical Labs EQ and Mic Preamp devices that stand above the competition. The ELQ Lil FrEQ equalizer and EL9 Mike-E microphone preamplifier are constructed from high reliability parts and military-grade switches and relays. They’re also hand wired… Read More »

Shure BLX Wireless systems

As you may know Shure no longer is manufacturing the older PG series cost effective wireless systems.  they have released the new BLX Wireless systems. They are a much more robust system, and they are easier to work with.  From their  hand held systems , the BLX24/PG58 which comes with thier PG Transmitter, their BLX24/B58… Read More »

Shure ULXD

Shure ULXD With Shure ULX D, there came a refinement in the existing technology used in digital wireless systems and opened up new gates for the finest quality of sound that emerged from this digital wireless system. Shure Digital wireless provides you the opportunity to experience the versatility of sound with the exemplary audio quality.… Read More »