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By | February 22, 2013

How many members of your congregation…

• Are hearing impaired?

• Need to sit in the front row, possibly away from family, to hear your message?

• Don’t come to your service because they are frustrated with the difficulty of hearing a public message?

• Would benefit from hearing your message in a more familiar language?

• Miss your message because they are in the foyer, nursery or other room?

And, if you already use listening headsets, are you satisfied? Is the audio clear? Can they be used for multiple needs? Do you need more headsets and want to improve the quality?

Listen Wireless Audio Devices

offer versatility for the hard of hearing, language interpretation and much more!

Listen’s versatile listening devices will open up a world of communications for you, so everyone can have the opportunity to clearly hear your message!

Why Listen Technologies?

A pleasant listening experience! Listen’s products are designed to provide an easy to use and convenient wireless sound solution for your patrons who want to make sure they don’t miss a single sound. Each devise has it’s own volume control for a fit that is pleasant and comfortable for each user.

Listen headset receivers are 100% compatible with your existing FM system. When you need to add headset receivers to your present system, choose Listen! In addition to their multi-use capabilities, our receivers can tune into the channel of your existing system. In several instances, you will hear a significant improvement in the audio quality just by using Listen’s receivers!convenience!

Customize a system which fits your needs! Each Listen system can be customized to accommodate your requirements, regardless of size. No need to worry about which system to order, let us create one that is just right for your application.

Advanced battery technology eliminates hassles…

Use the same batteries for years! Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries last ten times longer than typical NiCAD batteries. Also, Listen’s SmartChargeTM technology lets you recharge the batteries within each unit. This eliminates the need to remove the batteries or a charger at a specified time… ultimate convenience!

Easy to use! By offering a Listen system for your patrons, you help insure that they get the full experience they came for. Plus with features like a simple LCD readout a battery indicator, the system is not just easy to use, but is often an indispensable part of the service.

If you are on a tight budget, the Basic Listen System is ideal to give you a great performance at a great price. This installed system starts off with basic components such as a telescoping antenna and LR-300 Digital Receivers with ear buds. Use this system for auditory assistance, in-ear cueing, visual descriptions, board meetings, and training meetings. Great for outdoor events, corporations, and theaters. (Available only in 72 MHz.)

The LS-06 7-Person Tour Group System is a great starting point for organizations that wish to ensure their visitors understand every word. This system is ideal for indoor or outdoor tours of any venue and language interpretation as well. The 7-Person System includes a Portable Transmitter and Microphone, display receivers with ear speakers, batteries and a carrying case. Also be sure to consider whether a hand held or Noise canceling Microphone might be appropriate for your application. And remember that you can add any number of receivers to a single transmitter if you need to accommodate more guests. Use this system for auditory assistance and language interpretation on tours or in other venues. Great for manufacturers, museums, governments, houses of worship, tour companies, zoos, and board rooms.

Listen’s popular ear speaker headset option (LA-164):

• Can be used with a hearing aid • Provides exceptional

audio clarity • Doesn’t completely

block out other sounds • Can be cleaned with

Listen’s Neckloop (LA-166):

• Generates a magnetic field that is picked up by hearing aids that are equipped with a ‘T’ coil

• Unobtrusive, provides excellent audio discreetly

• Allows direct audio feed, not amplifying additional background noise

alcohol • Doesn’t mess up hair

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