Bose Powermatch Pm8500 8 channel Power amplifier / processor in one

By | November 12, 2011

Bose PowerMatch PM8500 Power amplifier

  • PowerMATCH™ Class-D Amplifier – New, patent-applied design combines Class-D efficiency with a dual-feedback circuit that continuously monitors and controls both the current and voltage of the output devices. This combination provides the PowerMatch amplifier with the highest-quality output power, audio performance, reliability, and efficiency.
  • QuadBridge™ Output Mode Outputs can be configured as single, dual, or quad channel modes, which allows 4 kW of power to be allocated between 2 to 8 channels. These software-selectable configurations range from 8 channels at 500 watts, 4 channels at 1000 watts, 2 channels at 2000 watts, or mixed combinations. Dual or quad modes can drive either low-impedance or 70 V or 100 V loads.
  • PeakBank™ Power Supply – Regenerative 4-quadrant power supply with fast-tracking PFC supports high efficiency, while improving the peak burst power for superior transient response and current reserve for bass impact.
  • 8 x 500 W from Single Household AC Mains The PM8500 delivers 4 kW rated power from a single AC mains outlet, with greater than 75% conversion efficiency.
  • Optimized Loudspeaker Processing – Integrated audio DSP for loudspeaker EQ, crossover, delay, and limiting. When used with RoomMatch™ and other Bose loudspeakers, the presets provide all required signal processing with optimized protection limiting of self-powered loudspeakers.
  • Software Setup and Network Monitoring – All models have USB for Bose ControlSpace® Designer programming, with PM8500N adding Ethernet network control and monitoring.