Dangerous Music 2 Buss System: the 2-BUS+

By | June 15, 2015

Dangerous Music just announced a brand new 2 bus system: the 2-BUS+. And Muzeek World is already taking orders for it! We’ve currently got it listed at its street price ($2999.00), but we might be able to give you a nice discount on it. Dangerous Music has spent the last two years designing the 2-Bus+. One look at the brand new analog-summing mixer and you can tell it was time well spent!

The Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ is a 16-channel analog-summing mixer. The 2U rack mountable chassis houses both XLR and D-sub inputs. The main feature for this device is the inclusion of three separate audio processors! Not one! Not two! Three! The audio processors allow you to add color and tone to either individual stems or the stereo mix. With the push of a button or the twist of a knob you can add color and tone where you want it!

Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ analog-summing mixer 16 channel

The three separate audio processors are as follows: Harmonics, Paralimit and X-Former. The Harmonics processor functions as a tuned harmonic distortion generator that executes in parallel-processing mode. It features a blend control. The Paralimit processor is an FET limiter on stun, but it also works in parallel-processing mode. Both Harmonics and Paralimit can be applied to either stems or across the stereo mix. The third processor, X-Former, inserts twin custom transformers on the stereo mix. It gives you control over core saturation. All three tone controls can be active at once. You can even flip the order of the signal flow.

The ability to add tone and color where you want it is what separates the 2-Bus+ from other analog-summing mixers. Other devices automatically add color or tone to the mix, but not this device! This Dangerous Music analog-summing mixer treats the addition of tone and/or color as artistic choice, as creative expression. No longer is it a forced requirement!

Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ 16 channel analog-summing mixer rear back panel io i o i/o

Muzeek World is already taking orders on the soon-to-be-released Dangerous Music 2-Bus+! For more information, send us an email at sales@muzeekworld.com!