Electro-Voice Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) Series

By | December 3, 2012

When it comes to providing sound solutions for the House of Worship, Electro-Voice offers the difference between mere clarity and pure inspiration. Be it a one-room mobile facility or a 10,000-person congregation, every House of Worship has a common goal: to be heard to the heavens, loudly and clearly. From microphones to loudspeakers and everything in between, products from EV can provide a “total system solution” for every House of Worship application. Electro-Voice enhances the worship experience and exceeds the high expectations of the modern congregation with the very best in high-performance audio. Welcome to EV House of Worship Sound! The EV-Innovation (EV-I) family of loudspeakers sees Electro-Voice redefine the stateof-the-art in installed sound once again. EV-I is the result of the largest development program in the history of Electro-Voice. Building upon an 80-year heritage of audio design excellence proven in thousands of installations around the world, EV-I systems offer an unprecedented combination of audio performance, versatility, ease of use, and aesthetics focused directly on the requirements of installed sound systems. At the heart of the EV-I family are brand-new and highly refined transducers, designed by EV engineers—the most knowledgeable and passionate in the industry—using the very latest developmental and diagnostic tools exclusive to Electro-Voice R&D. EV-I currently comprises three system formats: horn-load (EVH), front-load (EVF), and true line array (EVA). Manufactured to the highest standards in EV factories, EV-I systems collectively represent the most comprehensive family of loudspeakers the industry has ever seen.

Expandable Vertical Array – EVA The global success of the X-Line family affirms Electro-Voice’s approach to line array design on the largest tours and in the most prestigious venues. The EVA series (Expandable Vertical Array) condenses all this experience into a dedicated solution for installed sound applications.

• True line array performance with EV’s patented Hydra™ plane wave generator

• Easy and quick to configure and install

• Aesthetically pleasing with internal hidden rigging

• Two vertical and two horizontal patterns for flexible designs

• Very high maximum SPL output capability with extremely low distortion level

• Sophisticated internal passive network system

• Designed for single amp channel drive

• Available in black or white in one of three versions:

EVCoat™ (interior use), PI (indirect weather exposure), and FG (fiberglass – direct exposure).


The EVA-2082S is a very compact 2 x 8” two-way line array module. Combine up to eight of these modules for a simple-but-sophisticated approach to building a line array, without the complexity associated with concert sound line array design. Each module contains two elements, each element containing an EVS2008 8” woofer and two DH2005 1.25” high frequency compression drivers on a Hydra™ plane wave generator. A cluster of three modules powered by 1,050W (cont.) achieves a remarkable 135 dB of maximum (peak) SPL. Two vertical coverage angles (6° and 20°) can be combined to create line arrays optimized for spaces ranging from 12 m (40 ft) to greater than 60 m (200 ft) deep. Two horizontal coverage angles (90° and 120°) provide the perfect match for any space.

The Hydra™ – EV’s plane wave generator

The most critical information in any music signal is found in the mid and high frequencies. The number of HF devices used is one measure of whether the size of a sound system is adequate. Line arrays require a sufficient number of compression drivers to balance the coherent energy of the cone array elements. In a vertical array of multiple sound sources, it is vital to maintain minimal distance between HF elements relative to the radiated wavelength—a challenge with frequencies above 3 kHz (wavelength about 11 cm / 4”). A key component of the outstanding performance and success of EV line arrays is our unique Hydra™ plane wave generator, through which the output of one HF driver is divided into discrete adjacent paths that arrive with the same amplitude and phase at the waveguide. EVA’s unique, multi-driver Hydras use two compression drivers to feed each waveguide, providing both SPL and dynamic range for any application and array size.

EVA-2082S/126 | EVA-2082S/906 EVA-2082S/1220 | EVA-2082S/920

Each EVA module is available with either a 90° or 120° horizontal dispersion pattern and is acoustically designed to work with any other EVA module. Two versions are available with 6° vertical dispersion patterns (for longthrow), and may be combined for use as the main building blocks of a typical line array: 2082S/126 (120° x 6°) and 2082S/906 (90° x 6°). Mixed-model array configurations allow EVA to precisely address a wide variety of venues, e.g. EVA-2082S/906 for long-throw with EVA-2082S/920 for near-field coverage. A combination of these modules provides optimum vertical coverage for any application. Two versions are available with 20° vertical dispersion patterns (for nearfield coverage): 2082S/1220 (120° x 20°) and 2082S/920 (90° x 20°).

Input Panel

This new input panel was designed from the installer’s perspective and has a range of innovative, user-friendly features:

• HF shading of one element is easily accomplished by simply repositioning the HF shading switch card.

• The same interface for the HF shading card can be used as an access point to test woofers and drivers without any need to dismantle the enclosure.

• Phoenix/euro block screw terminals accept up to 10 ga. wire.

• Panel accepts a dual NL4 cover plate or dual gland nut cover for weather-protecting connection points. Gland nut cover is included with PI and FG models.

• An internal landing pad for an EVA-AM is included in the input panel. Simply install the attenuation module on the input panel and attach the wire harness to the PC board, then install the panel back onto the loudspeaker, attaching the included label around the Phoenix terminal block – the input block is now your power attenuation selector.

• NL4 cover plate and EVA-AM sold separately.

EVA Design Assistant:


EVADA helps users quickly determine the type and quantity of modules required to achieve optimal coverage for any given venue.