By | May 24, 2011

The Eagle 300 is a multi-layer seamless switcher intended for live event applications. FSR has accumulated 8 years of experience with seamless switchers and the Eagle 300 is the result of that experience and our commitment to answer our customer’s needs.

The Eagle 300 is based on a modular concept allowing the system to be matched to the customer’s application while maintaining an affordable upgrade path. The three primary components are the System Controller, Video Processor and a Matrix Switch. Each Video Processor can be populated with up to 3 Mix / Effects cards allowing up to 6 layers of Picture-in-Picture and Key effects with a native resolution background and a down stream key on screen at any one time.

Up to 6 Video Processors can be used with a single controller for multi-screen applications as well as ultra-wide screen edge blended displays.

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