Midas PRO2C TP (Tour Pack) Includes Flight Case and extra cables.

By | December 19, 2012

Midas PRO2C TP (Tour Pack) Includes Flight Case and extra cables.

Standard Midas PRO2C Touring Package:

64 channel x 27 bus digital audio mixing system. Includes PRO2 Compact console (flightcased) loaded with 8 mic/line inputs, 16 analogue outputs 2 AES3 inputs and 3 AES3 outputs. Complete with DL251 48 mic/line input, 16 output remote stagebox (boxed) and 2 x 100m CAT5e connecting cables.

PRO2 and PRO2C Introduction

Think of an audio mixing system which offers unprecedented levels of control integration in terms of speed and ease of workflow. Think of an audio mixing system which has the most intuitive, operator-driven user-interface yet imagined, yet costs no more than an ordinary console. Think of an audio mixing system which has all of this, and sounds like a MIDAS. Think of the MIDAS PRO2 – Radical thinking – It’s simple!

The MIDAS PRO2 and PRO2C may be the smallest and least expensive MIDAS digital consoles so far; however, they represent a quantum leap forward in both technology and in concept for the art of audio mixing.

PRO2 can be operated in a number of different ways, depending upon the experience, ability and willingness of the operator to adopt new ideas. In “normal” mode, PRO2 behaves in a manner similar to many other digital consoles. Engineers who are new to MIDAS digital can relax, enjoy the PRO2’s sample-synchronous audio quality, and operate the console from well within their comfort zone. As an operator becomes increasingly familiar with the console, they can activate the advanced navigation features which enable access to undreamt of levels of ease and speed of workflow on an audio console. Digital or Analogue!

PRO2 is also available in minimum-footprint compact form, PR02C. PRO2C is essentially the same mixer, the only difference being the physical size of the user interface. The PRO2C features all of the facilities of its larger sibling, yet this 64 channel mixer is no larger than many 24 channel analogue consoles. The Midas PRO2C Touring Package comes with a flight case and extra cables.


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