Portable PA Systems

By | December 20, 2011

Are you limited to time, do you need something light that you can set up within 5-10 min? Well we have a huge line of Portable PA systems that will work for you. From Yamaha , Bose, to Mackie, Anchor audio, to JBL, B52 Speakers.  You can call us or visit us direct and we can make sure your set up with your system of choice with the lowest price. If you just need specs, or have any questions on Portable PA systems for your hotel, church, school, personal DJ setup we can help

Heres is a little about the Yamaha:

Combining high-performance power and accurate sound reproduction with remarkable versatility in a portable package, Yamaha’s STAGEPASS 250M Series Portable PA Systems are fast becoming the standard for musicians and other PA users on the go.These combination mixer/amplifier/speaker systems are exceptionally lightweight, portable and full-featured. Since virtually everything you need is in one, easy-to-use package, you can be set up and playing within a matter of minutes. And when you’re done, you can be packed and back on the road again with the same ease and speed. Yet despite the simplicity and compact size, these systems cut no corners in sound quality or versatility, and in fact give you some advanced features not normally found in systems of this class.The series now includes the new single-speaker STAGEPAS 150M and 250M, which can be expanded to a stereo system by simply adding a second speaker. They can also function either as an ultra-portable PA system, or as a powerful keyboard amplifier-with sound quality and portability that far surpasses any other conventional keyboard amp. No matter what system you choose, you have a high-power, highperformance sound system ready for a wide variety of venues and events, both indoors and out.