6 Channel Dimmer/Switch

By | August 19, 2014

big_1408479967   In need of or looking for a 6 channel Dimmer/ Switch here at Muzeek World we have 3 different kinds. We have an Elation 6 channel hybrid DMX pack dimmer/switch & a Lightronics 6 Channel 1200W portable Dimmer and last but not least a Chauvet Pro-D6 Channel DMX dimmer/switch.


The Chauvet Pro D6 Dimmer/Switch is designed to work on multiple voltages simultaneously and comes fitted with 20 amp connections for this purpose it offers variable electronic dimming and each channel can be set as either dimmer or relay.

The Elation DP-640 B 6 Channel Hybrid DMX Pack can be set to dim or switch as well as accept separate DMX addresses. This Elation has a bit more to offer like a digital LED display and a panic funtion dip switches.

big_1408481131The Lightronics AS62 D 6 Channel portable dimmer has a max capacity of 1200 watts per channel and max total is 4800Watts. This unit will alsp function as a chaser and has several preset chase patters witch may be used.

We have more information on all these products on are website feel free to check it out or if you have any questions feel free to contact us at

877-477-6432 or Email us at Sales@muzeekworld.com