Bose F1 Flexible Array System

By | June 3, 2015


The F1 Flexible Array System is a brand new loudspeaker system from Bose. It’s the first portable, powered loudspeaker system on the market that offers user-controllable vertical coverage patterns. Now you have the flexibility to adjust your coverage patterns based on audience location and speaker positioning! This portable powered loudspeaker system is perfect for live performances, bands, solo musicians, mobile DJs, houses of worship, schools and universities, business presentations and more! Let’s take a look.

Bose F1 Speaker System

The Bose F1 Flexible Array System is comprised of two components: the F1 Model 812 Flex Array Speaker and the F1 Subwoofer. The F1 Model 812 utilizes a 12-inch LF driver that helps the speaker add to the low-end. Eight drivers sit inside the speaker enclosure in a line array setup that’s mounted on a flexible baffle. It’s this baffle that provides the ability to create different vertical coverage patterns. The F1 Model 812 features a bi-amplified design with two high output Class-D amplifiers that separately power the Flex array and 12-inch LF driver. On the rear of the loudspeaker are two input channels with independent volume controls and a line level/mic switch on Channel One.

Bose F1

The F1 Subwoofer takes all of the performance of larger subs and packs it into a compact, portable design. There’s an integrated extension bracket that allows you to mount the F1 812 Flex Array Speaker on top of the F1 Subwoofer. Channel cables are included so you can hide the wires and keep your system looking sleek! Dual 10-inch high-excursion drivers are built into the sub, with the addition of a polarity switch that helps you correct low-frequency overlap.

Bose F1 Back

The most unique feature of the portable Bose F1 Flexible Array System is the flexible baffle that allows you to adjust the vertical coverage pattern. Underneath the F1 Model 812’s sleek grille is the mid-high line array composed of eight drivers. Each driver is mounted on a custom 100° waveguide in order to provide wide, even coverage. You can push or pull the flexible array to create four different types of coverage patterns: Straight, C, J and Reverse J. The Straight position should be used when the speakers are on the same floor as the audience. The J position should be used when the speakers are on a stage higher than the audience. Both the Reverse J and C positions should be used when the audience is higher than the speakers, such as in stadium or theater seats. Once you set the position, the system automatically changes the equalization to maintain the best tonal balance for the coverage pattern!Bose F1 speakers



We’re already taking orders for Bose F1 Flexible Array Systems, which are expected to ship in August! For more information on this portable powered loudspeaker solution, send us an email at!