Hotel and Commercial Audio Systems

By | June 1, 2015

Background music systems, sometimes known as business music systems, make it possible for commercial environments to play welcoming audio for customers. This can range from calming background music for hotels to energizing workout playlists for fitness centers. Having expressive audio play across a multi-room business can be complicated and convoluted due to separate, non-uniform components and a jungle of cables. Fortunately there’s the FSR BMS-1032, a music system that keeps things simple and affordable!

FSR BMS-1032 1032 background music system audio commercial business face front panel 1032-BASE

The FSR 1032 is a 10-input background music system suited for all sorts of commercial audio applications and environments. The music system itself is a combination of a 2 RU chassis and multiple audio control wall plates. The rack mount or shelf mount chassis accommodates the main audio input card and up to eight stacking four-room output cards. A single unit can handle up to 32 rooms, making it perfect for hotel audio. All digital stereo audio and control signals are transmitted and distributed through a single CAT-5 cable. This makes for an efficient, cost-effective cabling solution that saves you from getting tangled in a multi-cable music system! A power supply is included, but you’ll need to purchase the audio control wall plates separately. Because each wall plate is sold separately, you can customize your audio controls to the exact number you need. Compare this to a hypothetical bundle, where you might be stuck with more wall plates than your application calls for.

FSR BMS-1032 1032 background music system audio business commercial rear back panel io i o i/o 1032-BASE

One of the greatest things about this FSR background music system is the local audio input. The local audio input allows you to connect devices like CD players and tape players in every room, which can then be controlled through the individual audio control wall plates. The FS BMS-1032 works with all distributed music systems and audio sources, including CDs and DVDs. Another great feature of this business music system is the paging function. The wall plates allow for paging over the speakers, even when the music is turned off or when an audio source isn’t selected! All hotel audio will be paused until the paging is finished.

FSR BMS-1032 1032 background music system commercial audio business wall plate 1032-BASE

The audio control wall plates provide numerous controls for managing music for hotels and other multi-room commercial environments. The plates are two-gang, meaning they’ll fit in standard wall boxes with four screws. Users can control volume, channel selection and page programming. Each wall plate used in the FS 1032 system features a headphone jack that allows for private listening. While this feature might not be utilized in hotel audio scenarios, it’s still a nice option to have. For example, it’s useful in office environments. The wall plates all run directly to the main unit through a single CAT-5 cable. If a wall plate controls powered speakers, the cable run is up to 500 feet from the main system. If you use the line level output of a wall plate, you have the capability of running up to 1000 feet from the main unit!

While the FSR 1032 background music system is perfect for hotel audio, it can be used in plenty of other business settings! The manufacturer states that the system can be utilized in the following environments: “sky boxes,” luxury suites, salons, professional offices, cruise ships, fitness centers and more! If you’re interested in this business music system, send an email to!