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By | July 18, 2014

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Digital Audio Labs LiveMix Digital Monitoring System.  A new great way to monitor your stage sound! If the Livemix personal monitoring system feature set reads like a live musician’s wish list!

If the Livemix personal monitoring system feature set reads like a live musician’s wish list, it should. Nearly every person on the Livemix design team plays or mixes live music on a weekly basis. Livemix LM-Digital-SK1 was designed to be simple enough for volunteers to use, but deep enough to give professionals all the tools they need for personal mix perfection. With features like 24 channels, effects on every channel, custom channel naming, stereo ambient microphones, color touchscreen and Mirror Mix™ remote mixing, Livemix is the personal monitoring system that helps musicians give their very best in every performance.


Up to 24 channels of studio quality audio
Livemix allows you to mix up to 24 discrete channels of recording studio quality audio. And every one of those channels has available processing, giving you more control over your mix than ever before. For those keeping track, thats 8 more channels, not counting utility channels, than the leading personal monitoring system offers.

Easy enough for volunteers, deep enough for professionals
Livemix was designed with volunteers and non-professionals in mind. We wanted it to be deep enough for professionals to get to what they wanted to tweak, but easy enough for volunteers to learn. With an intuitive touch screen and always available front panel ME knob, Livemix is simple to use.

Processing on every channel
Each of the 24 channels has EQ and compression available and the master output has EQ, compression, limiting and reverb. And we know that some of that can be confusing so we’ve created presets that make it painless for you to set up a stellar monitor mix in minutes.

Control any mix in the system from any control surface
With the innovative Mirror Mix™ system, you can help dial in a mix or tweak a setting for any other mix in the system. This makes it easy for any performer or front of house mixer to adjust a personal mix on stage.

Two mixes on one control surface
Budgets are a big concern these days. With Livemix, you can have two mixes on a single control surface, cutting down on the hardware you need to buy. This translates into a lower cost per node than other systems. With independent critical mix features for each performer, sharing is easy.

LCD Touchscreen and Custom Channel Naming
With the full color LCD touchscreen, it is easy to set up your channels and give them personal names. Now you can mix “Todd – Electric Spoons” instead of remembering just what number Todd is on.

A basic Livemix system consists of three modules. To set up a Livemix system, you will need:

  • A) INPUT MODULE – The basic system starts with the Livemix AD-24 for analog input or the LM-DANTE-EXP Dante option card for digital input.
  • B) CENTRAL MIXER – The Livemix MIX-16 is the Central Mixer. It takes all the digital streams and sends them out to each personal mixer. The basic system starts with the Livemix MIX-16 which allow you to connect up to 8 CS-DUO personal mixers, for a total of 16 personal mixes.
  • C) PERSONAL MIXER & CONTROL SURFACE – The basic system needs at least one Personal Mixer to make a personal monitor mix. Likely, you will have 3 or more Livemix CS or Livemix CS-DUO units. The Livemix CS and CS-DUO units are where you will do all your mixing.

The last line in the chain, the Livemix CS-DUO is two personal mixers in one. With two mixes per unit, you can reduce your overall per node cost without sacrificing quality or functionality. The Livemix CS-DUO is extremely simple to use and lightning fast to setup. The innovative MirrorMix™ function allows you to use your own control surface to adjust the mix of any other user in the system. Even though it is designed to be simple to operate, we did not skimp on the features, like built-in ambient mics, optional footpedal, effects on every channel and even a metronome.

Livemix CS-DUO Features

  • Mix 24 channels of audio
  • Two personal mixes per unit
  • EQ and dynamics on every channel
  • EQ, dynamics, and reverb on master mix
  • Button, knob and touchscreen control
  • Crystal clear headphone amplifier with peak limiter
  • Auxiliary input for metronome, or media player
  • Footpedal volume control (with optional Livemix FP1)
  • Power over CAT5 from Livemix MIX-16

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