Digital Experience with Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer

By | May 9, 2013

The Yamaha CL5 Digital console has been highly doing well in serving its consumers by providing them the top quality of sound. Using the Yamaha CL5 digital mixer provided by Yamaha you would be highly satisfied by its performance and credibility. The sound engineers have used all their hard work and have proven that they have come out with something which is highly acceptable by its end-users and no doubt a standardized product. The sound quality that emerges from Yamaha CL5 has no comparison with the ordinary systems.

yamaha cl5


Even the users of the analog mixer, after using the digital mixer by Yamaha CL5 feels the clear difference in the sound quality and highly recommend the use of Digital Mixer. It highly facilitates its users by providing them an opportunity of listening to the quality of sound they have never gone through before. Here are some of the credentials of the Digital Mixer, which benefits you more than any other sound producing device.

Multiple Racks in the Digital Mixer

The Effect rack provide its users the consent to concurrent utilization of 8 effects from an assortment of 8 insertion effects and 26 ambience effects, and all of them posses a premium quality.

There is also an Equilibrium Rack which is aimed at the provision of output busses, if the requirement is to replace the effect rack’s 8 effects by the graphic Equilibrium units; Yamaha CL5 gives you the facility to perform this replacement.

Along with the Equilibrium and Effect Racks, the digital Mixer consists of Premium Rack; Yamaha CL5 provides this virtual rack which is designed by the sound engineers in such a way that it has the capability to contain the eight occurrences of the six communicative and easy to read dynamic and EQ effects.

Yamaha CL5 provides the capacity to make use of the extremely viewed studio effects in live mixes which facilitates in providing you the extraordinary and matchless profound quality of sound at any place.


The Profound Sound Quality & Reliability

Talking about the best sound quality produced by Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console, the sound engineers have made use of all the latest technologies in achieving the required credibility from the CL5 sound system.  To accomplish the task of producing the ideal sound quality the manufacturers design and decides to prefer the circuit layout, grounding, power supply and all the other niche of the preliminary input ranks with great  care and concern. The mixer is so designed that its outcome is the extremely accepted demonstration of the input signals, benefiting you with a superlative base for the processing and also the highly credible effects which produces the graceful, polished and refined sound quality ultimately.

The Dante networking used in the Yamaha CL5 digital mixer increases the system reliability.  Even in the most decisive applications, it does not lose the factor of reliability rather it serves you with the best of quality, standard and dependability.

By using the CL console all those operations which need a separate personal computer, you can carry out such operations directly from Yamaha CL5. Hence getting Yamaha CL5 installed in your system has multiple benefits and above all the top notch sound quality.