Low Cost Solution to Personal Monitoring Systems

By | December 16, 2014

Are you in the market for a low cost personal monitoring system? Having difficulty figuring out what to start or even where to begin? Allow us to offer our assistance. Muzeek World is now a proud carrier of a great personal monitoring system from Behringer called the POWERPLAY 16. The system is both reliable and affordable, available at a lower cost than other all-inclusive personal monitoring systems.

The Behringer POWERPLAY 16 personal monitoring system is comprised of three separate parts: the P16-M Personal Digital Mixer, the P16-D Digital Distributor and the P16-I Input Module. All three parts are integral to the system and make it one of the most capable personal monitoring systems on the market.

Front of the Behringer P16-M Personal Monitor Mixer P16 M

The P16-M Personal Digital Mixer is the heart of Behringer’s personal monitoring system. You’ll notice that it’s easy to use right from the get go. If has a simple interface that allow even the most tech-averse user to figure out their monitor mix. From the front face of the mixer you’re able to monitor up to 16 channels and customize mixes. There are level and pan controls, as well as volume and 3-band EQ. Mixes can be stored in 16 presets that can be instantly recalled.

Front of the Behringer P16-I Input Module P16 I

The P16-I Input Module serves up 16 analog and ADAT optical inputs, along with six ULTRANET outputs. This piece of the POWERPLAY 16 system was made to bring together the direct outputs of analog consoles with up to six P16-M personal monitors. The P16-I is mountable and also offers 16 high-headroom TRS audio inputs and four-position gain switches on every channel.

Front of the Behringer P16-D Digital Distributor P16 D

The final piece of the POWERPLAY 16 personal monitoring system is the P16-D Digital Distributor. This slim box connects to the P16-I Input Module and provides eight additional ULTRANET connections. This allows for multiple P16-M personal monitors to be included within one coexisting network. The P16-D has bus power and 16 channel signal transmission on all eight outputs. A total of six P16-D Digital Distributors can be joined together to host a total of 48 P16-M personal monitors! Think about that capability and apply that to a church choir or multi-instrument orchestra.

The POWERPLAY 16 is an affordable personal monitoring system with power and capabilities that have been unheard of, until now!