Symetrix Jupiter 8 Processor

By | May 16, 2013

Looking for a great easy to confiure 8×8 DSP Processor ? Symetrix Jupiter 8 is here

Symetrix has done a great job with the Jupiter 8, Jupiter 4, and Jupiter 12. Ranging from a 4×4, 8×8, to the 12×4 DSP Processor

Symetrix did the heavy lifting. In order to save our customers time and money the Symetrix Jupiter Series and Zone Mix 761 products use turn-key DSP and signal path configurations optimized for specific applications and venues. The time needed to learn the software is zip. With these products sound contractors end up doing what they do best which is to simply make things sound really, really great.

Jupiter hardware runs downloadable apps. There are over 70 to choose from for use in applications like mixing and automixing, routing, loudspeaker management, and special purpose signal processing to name a few. A sample of target venues includes houses of worship, auditoriums, retail and hospitality establishments, sports facilities, and transportation terminals.

The application specific Zone Mix 761 rocks restaurants, bars and retail. Multiple music sources and paging from three paging stations (plus emergency page) routed into up to six zones with automatic ducking and priority arbitration.

Benefits & Features

  • A turn-key audio processing solution utilizing a library of downloadable apps. Installation is quick and easy.
  • Over 60 apps in categories including mixing and routing, public address and distribution, sound reinforcement, and special purpose signal processing.
  • Multiple user control options include zero cost ARC-WEB browser based interface, low cost Symetrix ARC wall panels, and programmable third-party touch screens.
  • 8 input, 8 output hardware has an abundance of DSP Processor ┬áto power apps that are packed with processing features such as Dynamics, EQ, FIR Filters, Feedback Fighters, Loudspeaker Management, Automixing, and Matrixing.
  • High feature to cost ratio and minimal set-up saves time and money.