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Yamaha Surface Mount Speakers

Yamaha designed the new VXS Series Surface Mount Speakers in response to the ever-expanding list of applications within the installation market. In addition to delivering Yamaha’s legendary sound quality, the VXS Series Surface Mount Speakers have been meticulously designed and engineered for safe and easy installation. The VXS Series F Compact Surface Mount Speakers offer… Read More »

New Genelec Products

Muzeek World is happy to announce that we have brand new Genelec products for sale! The new products are as follows: Genelec 7040A Active Subwoofer, Genelec 8010 LSE StereoPak, Genelec 8020 LSE StereoPak, Genelec 8330 LSE Surround SAM and Genelec 1234A SAM. Let’s take a look at these new Genelec products! Genelec 7040A Active Subwoofer… Read More »