Yamaha Ceiling Mount Speakers

By | August 26, 2016

Yamaha designed the new VXC Series Ceiling Speakers in response to the ever-expanding list of applications within the installation market. In addition to delivering Yamaha’s legendary sound quality, the VXC Series Ceiling Speakers have been meticulously designed and engineered for safe and easy installation. In addition to the VXC Series Ceiling Speakers, the VXC Series F Low-Profile Ceiling Speakers are available for those looking for high quality, low profile ceiling mount speakers. The VXC Series F Low-Profile Ceiling Speakers feature a lightweight build and versatile design that can easily conform to even the most restrictive installation spaces.


VXC Series Ceiling Speakers (VXC4, VXC6, VXC8)

 The VXC Series offers basic models for a broad range of applications, creating appealing acoustic spaces. The VXC Series provides three distinct woofer sizes, enabling you to pick the speaker that is most appropriate for your venue. Each model has an internal transformer that enables both high and low-impedance drive with just one speaker, simply by switching the tap on the baffle. Because a single speaker can be used for both operations, inventory control is made simple, and you can easily adjust your system to any kind of change.

VXC4 Ceiling Speaker

VXC4 Ceiling Speaker

VXC Series Overview:

  • Ceiling Speakers for any application
  • Safe, Seamless Installation
  • Superb music reproduction
  • Crystal clear announcements for public address applications
  • Highly innovative design and performance
  • All models can be used for either Lo-Z or Hi-Z connections
  • Black and white models available
  • Paintable grilles

VXC Series Recommended Applications:

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants/ Cafes
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Public Announcements
  • Commercial Spaces

VXC Series F Low-Profile Ceiling Speakers (VXC3F, VXC5F)

The VXC Series F low-profile ceiling speakers have been meticulously designed for superior music reproduction. Music can play an integral role in defining the aesthetic and atmosphere of a commercial space, greatly enhancing the overall experience for customers and clientele. By combining Yamaha’s unrivaled acumen for developing state of the art musical instruments and professional audio technologies, with a flexible approach towards design and application, VXC-F ceiling speakers allow you to streamline the installation process and seamlessly integrate high-quality audio into a restaurant, retail, or professional environment. Featuring a newly designed speaker unit, optimally tuned for music playback, the VXC-F’s shallow, lightweight construction and flexible design can easily adapt to the strictest installation limitations, ensuring superb audio performance wherever they’re placed.


VXC Series F Overview:

  • Hi-Z or Lo-Z – both high and low impedance connections supported
  • Low – profile allows for installation in restricted spaces
  • Lightweight build allows for flexible installation
  • Highly portable – carrying band for convenience and safety
  • Anti – drop tab mechanism ensures safe installation
  • Fast Installation compared to other ceiling speakers
  • Streamlined design that is both secure and sophisticated
  • Paintable to match any interior

VXC Series F Recommended Applications:

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants/ Cafes
  • Hotel Lobbies


VXC Series Models – Smart Design for Safer, Faster Installation:

All VXC Series models include features designed for maximum installation safety and convenience. The reduced workload and increased speed afforded by these features can be a real advantage in installations that involve a large number of speakers.

  • A built-in “carrying band” not only makes the speaker easy to carry around, but also increases safety when working on a stepladder.
  • An anti-drop tab mechanism securely holds the speaker in place so that the installation can proceed safely and efficiently.
  • Double threaded screws used for the speaker clamp mechanism allow the clamps to be tightened twice as fast as conventional screws.