4 Yamaha Rio Stageboxes:Dante

By | January 22, 2015

Muzeek World now has 4 Yamaha Rio Stageboxes for sale! These are digital stage boxes that run on the Dante network audio protocol. Two of the models offer both inputs and outputs (digital and analog), while the other two offer inputs OR outputs (digital and analog.) All of these Yamaha stage boxes run at 44.1,48, 88.2 and 96kHz.

Yamaha RI8 RI8-D Dante Digital Stagebox Stage box

First let’s examine the input-only and output-only digital stage boxes we have for sale: the RI8 and the RO8. The Yamaha RI8 has eight mic/line inputs and has remote controllable HA, +48V phantom power, HPF, two RJ45 and eight XLR-F connectors. The Yamaha RO8 has eight analog outputs, two RJ45 and eight XLR-M connectors. Both feature a rotary dial and dip switches for easy setup and only take up 1U of Rackspace.

Yamaha RO8 RO8-D Dante Digital Stagebox Stage box

The other digital stageboxes aren’t much different, save for the fact that they have inputs and outputs, not just one or the other. The Yamaha RIO1608 has 16 mic/line inputs and eight analog outputs. It only takes up 3U of Rackspace. The Yamaha RIO3224 has 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analog outputs and four stereo AES/EBU outputs. This unit takes up the most Rackspace at 5U. Similar to the two previously mentioned Dante stage boxes, the RIO1608 and RIO3224 feature remote controllable HA, +48V phantom power and HPF. These units also have two EtherCon connectors and come with a Dante Virtual Soundcard license.

Yamaha RIO1608 RIO1608-D Dante Digital Stagebox Stage box

All four models of Rio stageboxes we have for sale work in tandem with Yamaha’s CL and QL digital mixing consoles. It’s no surprise then that the manufacturer imported the design element of “natural, musical sound” from the CL/QL lines to these Dante stageboxes. Meticulous attention to detail was applied to construction, circuit board layout, grounding, power supply and parts selection. Multiple performance and listening tests were conducted throughout development. The result of all that is a line of premium Yamaha stage boxes that perform at the highest caliber.

Yamaha RIO3224 RIO3224-D Dante Digital Stagebox Stage Box

While these units all function with different Yamaha systems, they’re paired best with CL Series digital mixers. When paired with CL consoles, the Rio stage boxes can make use of a gain compensation function that automatically makes analog gain adjustments. Any sound level sent from the units to the network remains constant. This helps to combat unexpected level changes that tends to happen when multiple devices are connected to one digital stagebox.

With four models to choose from, the possibilities are endless! If you have any questions about the Yamaha stage boxes we have for sale, send us an email at sales@muzeekworld.com!