Furman Power Conditioners

By | February 3, 2015

Audio/Video equipment requires consistent, clean power to operate at decent levels. This is true for both studio/recording and live/touring gear. Now take a moment to think about all that gear. Every instrument, speaker, mixer and microphone all plugged into a wall outlet or outlet strip. That gear is left unprotected if a power surge happens. Everything would be fried! Thankfully, power conditioners exist to combat surges and spikes in power. While there are multiple power conditioners on the market, some have shoddy craftsmanship and subpar components. This can cause the same damage these power conditioners were made to prevent!

So where do you look when you want a well-made power conditioner that offers surge protection and filtering technologies? Furman! They have multiple lines of standard power conditioners, as well as advanced power conditioners. The Furman Merit Series is a versatile line that works in the studio and on the road. This series operates at 15-amps. Best of all, these units are all affordable!

Furman M-8Dx Standard Power Conditioner 15A M8Dx

There are five models in the Merit Series: the Furman M-8×2, the Furman M-8Lx, the Furman M-8Dx, the Furman M-8S and the Furman M-8x AR. Instead of breaking down each model, let’s examine all of the features in this series of power conditioners. Under each feature will be the model numbers that offer said feature.

Surge Protection


Every standard power conditioner model in the Furman Merit Series features surge protection technology. As the title implies, this technology offers surge and spike protection to keep any connected gear safe. If a spike or surge came along and your gear was plugged into a wall outlet, it’d be fried!

Furman M-8Lx 15A Standard Power Conditioner M8Lx

Noise Filtration


Every Furman power conditioner in this series has noise filtration technology. AC power isn’t always clean, meaning that it creates static and noise. With this technology, Furman power conditioners are able to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

15 Amp Rating


All models have a 15-amp rating. This means that these power conditioners power and protect all equipment up to a 15-amp load.

Furman M-8x2 15A Standard Power Conditioner M8x2

“Protection OK” indicator


The front panel of these standard power conditioners features a “Protection OK” LED indicator. This indicator lets users know that connected equipment is protected.

Front Panel Pull-Out Lights

(M-8Lx, M-8Dx)

The M-8Lx and M-8Dx models features two retractable, incandescent light fixtures on the front panels. These lights have dimmer controls and offer easy rack illumination. This feature comes in handy in dark venue and club applications.

Furman M-8x AR Standard Power Conditioner M8xAR M 8x AR

Wall Wart Spacing


Wall Wart Spacing comes standard on all models. The rear outlets provide plenty of space to accommodate bulky power adapters.



Of course these all have outlets! They have nine, to be precise.

Any of these Furman power conditioners would be a great addition to a studio or live setup. Get in touch with a Muzeek World Sales Representative today to find out more. You can send an email to sales@muzeekworld.com.