Affordable Yamaha Power Amplifiers

By | January 21, 2015

A power amplifier is an essential component in sound systems. It’s what drives sound and clarity through the speakers. Higher-end models offer top-of-the-line quality, but aren’t merciful on wallets. Fortunately, Yamaha has two affordable lines of power amplifiers: the P-S Series and the XP Series. Both lines are well constructed, lightweight, versatile and feature Yamaha-exclusive technology that provides high-end quality at low prices. Both series feature rack mount designs and variable speed cooling fans to help keep heat generation at a minimal level. Lead-free parts and components ensure these amplifiers are environmentally friendly.

The Yamaha P-S Series and Yamaha XP Series share similarities, but also have their key differences. Let’s start by examining the models in the P-S Series. Then, we’ll move on to the XP Series. The similarities and differences will become apparent throughout this blog post.

Yamaha P7000S Power Amplifier Rack Mount PS P-S

There are four models in the P-S Series: the Yamaha P7000S, the Yamaha P5000S, the Yamaha P3500S and the Yamaha P2500S. All four models share the same features and functions, save for output and an advanced switching power supply (which is only available on the P7000S and the P5000S). The output (at four ohms) of the P-S Series amplifiers is as follows: P7000S (1100W + 1100W), P5000S (750W + 750W), P3500S (590W + 590W) and P2500S (390W + 390W). While P-S Series amplifiers can be used with any loudspeaker system, they are recommended to be used with Yamaha’s Club Series speakers. This is because the output of these models aligns with what power capacity Club speakers can handle. Every model amplifier in this line has YS Processing for optimum matching. A unique circuit optimizes output from the power amplifier so that it matches the characteristics of any Club Series speaker systems. Again, these amplifiers ARE NOT limited to just Club speakers.

Yamaha P-S Power Amplifier PS P S Rack Mount

These Yamaha power amplifiers have balanced XLR and 1/4 –inch TRS jacks for channel inputs. Outputs are Neutrik Speakon jacks, 1/4 –inch jacks on every channel and a five way binding post. Best of all, every P-S amplifier has the manufacturer-exclusive EEEngine (the first two “E”s stand for Energy Efficient). AC power use is made more efficient through reductions in power consumption and heat generation. There’s no negative impact on output power or sound quality because of this. An efficient current buffer switches input power on and off as needed when power requirements are low. When the requirements increase, an independently responding aux power line provides additional power. The aux line is driven by the power supply voltage to ensure output isn’t compromised.

Yamaha XP5000 Power Amplifier Rack Mount

On to Yamaha’s XP Series of amplifiers! There are five models in this series with varying degrees out output power. The models and outputs (at eight ohms) are as follows: Yamaha XP7000 (700W + 700W), Yamaha XP5000 (500W + 500W), Yamaha XP3500 (350W), Yamaha XP2500 (250W + 250W) and Yamaha XP1000 (100W +100W). All of these Yamaha power amplifier models work as ideal companions with Digital Mixing Engines like the DME64N/DME24N, as well as the Installation Series speakers. However, the Yamaha XP power amplifiers work with all installed and live sound systems.

Yamaha XP Power Amplifiers Rack Mount

Like the P-S models, the XP amplifiers are lightweight, rack mount units that feature EEEngine technology and variable speed cooling fans. Yamaha XP models offer XLR and Euroblock inputs and Speakon and five-way binding post outputs. Furthermore, they can operate in three different modes: a stereo mode, parallel mode and bridge mode. Stereo mode works with two independent channels. Parallel (dual mono) mode features a single mono input signal that drives the channels or two independent speaker systems. Bridge mode has the channels work together to deliver maximum power. Remote monitoring and control is possible with these Yamaha amplifiers through monitor and remote terminals.

Yamaha XP Power Amplifier X-P X P Rack Mount

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