Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array System

By | July 18, 2016

Introducing the Bose L1 compact portable line array system! Carry it in one trip, and set it up in just one minute! With the L1 Compact System you can easily fill the room with the legendary Bose sound. The L1 Compact System fuses traditional PA and monitors into a single unit that is both portable and stylish. Whether placed behind or adjacent to a performer, DJ or presenter, it produces broad and consistent sound coverage throughout the entire stage area and audience—even to the hard-to-reach sides. It’s Bose’s smallest, lightest, and most convenient L1 system, weighing only 29 pounds! Let’s take a closer, more detailed look at what makes the L1 Compact System so special.


Bose L1 Compact System


L1 Compact System Key Features:

  • Bose® Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology produces even and consistent sound coverage across the stage and the audience— even to the hard-to-reach sides
  • Two ToneMatch® channels feature fixed presets for a handheld mic plus an acoustic guitar
  • Built-in bass speaker in power stand
  • Two distinct setup positions: collapsed for compact spaces or extended for larger ones
  • Perfect for musical performances, mobile DJs, classrooms, business presentations, corporate events, and more!

Small package. Big Sound.

With the L1 Compact System, you can experience quality Bose sound for nearly any gig, event or occasion. Thanks to its compact design, the L1 Compact system is small enough to easily fit into your trunk or back seat. In addition, its cutting-edge modular design allows for ultra-fast setup and takedown. You can easily arrange it in either a collapsed position in compact spaces or a taller, extended position if more room is available. Don’t worry about the extra gear! The L1 Compact System is all you need. Forget hoisting heavy speakers onto stands, and forget those pesky speaker cables!

Bose L1 Compact System

(Above: L1 system broken down)

A Unique Loudspeaker

The L1 Compact system’s slender loudspeaker evenly distributes premium sound throughout the room. The speaker’s unique vertical form differentiates it amongst traditional PA speakers, and gives it an advantage when it comes to sound coverage. For example, audience and band members off to the far sides are able to hear the same clear, tonally balanced sound as those directly in front.

A Convenient Integrated System

With the L1 Compact system, there’s no need to worry about carrying a separate amplifier, mixer or even bass cabinet – they are already built in! The system’s power stand features a built-in bass speaker and amplifier, in addition to an integrated mixer supplying a total of 4 inputs and 2 outputs.

Channel 1 is a microphone input with a specially designed ToneMatch preset for a handheld dynamic mic. This preset automatically enhances a handheld microphone’s tone when used in conjunction with the L1 Compact system. Channel 2 allows up to three inputs at one time, including a guitar, keyboard or other instrument, DJ mixer, MP3 player, laptop or projector. It also features a specially designed ToneMatch preset to enhance the sound of an acoustic guitar. The L1 Compact system has all you need: premium audio performance, worry-free setup and one-trip portability.


Bose L1 Compact System

L1 rear channels and inputs

L1 Compact System in Detail:

  • Built-in mixer in the power stand supplies 1 microphone XLR input on channel 1; channel 2 features one instrument input, one RCA stereo input and one 1/8″ stereo input. Both channels have two-stage clip lights, volume controls and a unique ToneMatch preset. Back panel has one 1/4″ balanced line output and one RCA stereo output.
  • Built-in power amplifier in the power stand produces clean, accurate amplification for L1 Compact loudspeaker and bass enclosure.
  • PA and monitors are fused into a single lightweight, highly portable system. Proprietary Bose technology allows the system to be placed directly behind or adjacent to a performer, canceling the need for other PA speakers, stage monitors and mixers.
  • Proprietary ToneMatch presets enhance the L1 Compact system for a dynamic handheld micr (channel 1) or acoustic guitar (channel 2).
  • Two distinct setup positions, extended (78.5″H) and collapsed (16.5″H), allow you to adjust the system’s sound coverage for the room or event. For bigger audiences, use the included loudspeaker extensions to heighten the array. For smaller gatherings, leave the array in its slot on the power stand and put the system on a tabletop.
  • Rugged, lightweight, interlocking parts make the system extremely easy to transport, set up and break down. The power stand weighs only 25 pounds, and the entire system with loudspeaker and extensions weighs 29 pounds. No speaker cables, stands or bass modules are needed.