CL1 Is Number 1 in Yamaha CL Series for a Good Reason

By | May 14, 2013

With the invention of Yamaha’s new CL series, Yamaha has once again proved themselves as the world’s finest manufacturers. The Yamaha CL series console has been designed in such an efficient way that it has been equipped with the most improved digital audio technology which could be accessible. Due to the highly advanced technology used in the Yamaha CL series, it has been serving its users with the delivery of premium and ideal sound quality which the user demands from a perfect sound system.


Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixer

Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixer


The sonic quality of the Yamaha CL series is the output of the hard work which is done by some of the most reliable ears and respected minds. The engineers have put their best in providing the valued customers a sound system which they crave for. The Yamaha CL1 digital mixing console substantiates that the time, hard work and the endeavor have been finely used up.


Significance of Yamaha CL1

Yamaha CL1  which is the 48th version in the CL series chain corresponds to a new era of elegance and refinement. Yamaha CL1 digital mixing console puts forward the advanced experience in the reachable mixing adding in it transparency with the capability to shape the sound that gives the engineers extraordinary creative freedom. Yamaha CL1 personifies the most important principles in live sound in their highly expressive form.

Yamaha CL series initiated with the invention of Yamaha CL1 and consists of the supreme sound quality which you crave for. It has been so far highly successful in providing you all the facilities and benefits which the users demand from an efficient and quality sound producing device. The Yamaha CL1 is number 1 in a CL series for a good reason. It is the initiation of providing you the top notch sound quality.


Phenomenal superiority & inspiring latent

The sound engineers worked on the basis of their imaginative minds and experience to make a huge number of creative and practical verdicts and then finally they came up with the Yamaha CL1 which has the capability of facilitating you with the best sound quality which the user might desire for a large number of venues and occasions. The mixing console in the Yamaha CL1 has been designed so as to fulfill all the requirements of its users. When it comes to the sound quality, Yamaha CL1 does extremely well leaving behind all the other sound producing devices. With the most refined analog circuitry modeling technology in the Yamaha CL1 you can add exceptional characters and shape to the sound as per according to your needs, thus preserving the paramount sound quality.

Undoubtedly Yamaha CL1 is actually a functional as well as creative sound fortifies console that can cope up with the haphazardly and rapidly altering demands of live sound applications, adding up Yamaha CL1 price which is affordable too. The user friendly Centrologic user interface in Yamaha CL1 is another factor which will develop a desire in you to opt for Yamaha CL1 digital mixer.