NEXO ID Series Speakers and Processors

By | June 2, 2016

Introducing the NEXO ID Series, where total directivity control meets raw, compact power. The ID Series frontrunner, the NEXO ID24, features a specialized horn that allows users quickly select between 120° x 40° or 40° x 120° HF coverage. This innovative feature introduces unprecedented flexibility to the world of compact speakers. The ID24 also features a premium cabinet that delivers the signature sound and performance NEXO is known for, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Compatible with a wide array of NEXO and third party touring and installation equipment, the ID Series also includes two dedicated and discreet subs.

The NEXO ID24 is available in install (ID24i) and touring (ID24t) versions, with an additional ‘A La Carte’ variation which allows users to select from a range of color, mounting, connectivity and HF dispersion options. This high level of customization enables anyone to configure the perfect speaker for any circumstance.

ID24 front and back view

ID24 front and back view

The NEXO DTD Controller as well as the NEXO DTDAMP maximize the power and versatility of the NEXO ID Series. Continue reading for more information on how these units can work together.

NEXO ID24 At a Glance

Application-Focused Design: The NEXO ID24 was designed with the user in mind. The goal was to design a speaker that could be seamlessly configured in a wide array of applications. Enjoy the convenient versatility that the NEXO ID24 provides without sacrificing quality. Check out some of the ID 24 configuration examples below:

  • Horizontal Mounting
  • Vertical Mounting
  • Under-Balcony
  • Stage front-fill
  • Pole-Mounting
  • Flown and Wedge

NEXO ID24 Speaker Configurations

NEXO ID24 Speaker Configurations

NEXO ID24 Speaker Configurations

NEXO ID Series Subs: Serious Low End, Seriously Low Profile

The perfect complement to the ID24 speakers, the NEXO ID Series Subs are the metaphorical icing on the cake. The NEXO ID Series Subs are both extremely compact and powerful, and are also available in both install and touring versions. The NEXO ID S110 1 x 10” sub is ideal for difficult spacing, while the NEXO ID S210 2 x 10” sub is ideal for applications where space is not an issue. With a discreet and streamlined design, the ID Series subs can be conveniently installed in a wide selection of locations. The NEXO ID S110 measures just 285mm high x 525mm wide x 550mm deep, while the NEXO ID S210 measure only 285mm high x 1050mm wide x 550mm deep. Install your ID Series Subs within walls, staircases, under furniture and more!

NEXO ID Series Subs - Left: ID S110, Right: ID S210

NEXO ID Series Subs – Left: ID S110, Right: ID S210

NEXO DTD Controller: NEXO ID24 Processing Simplified

Connectable with amplifiers from every other manufacturer, the NEXO DTD Controller for PS Series cabinets and LS Subs make the world’s favorite compact, high output system even more accessible than it already is. The NEXO DTD Controller now makes it possible to pick exactly the right size and magnitude of amplification. This makes PS/LS configurations easily accessible in a wide array of applications, from small mobile systems to more much more complex multi-cabinet installs. With advanced speaker control processing taken from the NEXO DTDAMP, the NEXO DTD Controller additionally provides dramatic improvements in audio performance over prior analog TD Controllers.

NEXO DTD Controller

NEXO DTD Controller DTD-I Install Version

NEXO DTDAMP 1U 4-Channel Amplifier

Perfect for powering mobile or fixed installations of NEXO ID and PS Series systems, the 4 channel, 1U rack mounting NEXO DTDAMP is available in two versions: 4 x 700 Watts and 4 x 1300 Watts (4 x 4 Ohms). The NEXO DTDAMP is perfectly compatible with the touring and install versions of the DTD Controller to allow for a compact, lightweight, and intelligent powering solution. With a simple and easy setup, the DTDAMP will serve you well. Whether you’re in a ‘dry hire’ application where the user has basic know-how, or in a fixed installation (i.e. bar or club), the NEXO DTDAMP is a versatile power solution. The DTD Controller in conjunction with the NEXO DTDAMP guarantees to give you all the power you need for your NEXO speakers. This combination offers a sleek, cohesive look in addition to an intuitive user experience.


NEXO DTD Controller + DTDAMP