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Clear-Com DX410 Intercom System

Clearcom DX410 wideband Intercom System 2.4 GHz   The new DX410 system is great for midsize to large churches and production houses. The DX410 was introduced at LDI2015 in Las Vegas. The DX410 is a 2 channel 2.4 GHz wireless digital intercom system that has exceptional audio quality. The DX210 does not have this quality… Read More »

Denon Blu-Ray Players

Denon is known for their high quality DVD players and CD players. Now they can also be known for their Blu-Ray players! Their line of three devices gives you access to premium audio/video components in compact enclosures. The three devices are the Denon DBT-1713UDP, the Denon DBT-3313UDCIP and the Denon DN-500BD. Let’s take a look… Read More »

Westone Custom Earphones | Pricing and Info

Ever purchase a pair of earphones that didn’t fit or were uncomfortable to wear? Us too. Not only was that purchase a waste of money, but now you’re stuck with a set of earphones that you don’t want to use. That’s why we here at Muzeek World recommend Westone Custom Earphones. Each pair is custom… Read More »

Local Sound Rentals, Sales and Installations

At Muzeek World, we specialize in professional audio, video and lighting equipment for a variety of applications and venues. We offer services like installations, customized system designs, equipment consulting, sound setup and more! We have you covered, whether you’re an audiophile building a home theatre system or a house of worship looking into a new… Read More »

Dangerous Music 2 Buss System: the 2-BUS+

Dangerous Music just announced a brand new 2 bus system: the 2-BUS+. And Muzeek World is already taking orders for it! We’ve currently got it listed at its street price ($2999.00), but we might be able to give you a nice discount on it. Dangerous Music has spent the last two years designing the 2-Bus+.… Read More »

Avid VENUE | S6L Systems

Muzeek World is taking orders on the soon-to-be-released Avid VENUE | S6L systems! The VENUE name is famous in the professional audio/video industry thanks to the power and prowess of its hardware/software combo. The VENUE | S6L is a live sound system that utilizes modular architecture. This means that its individual components can be mixed… Read More »

Roland M-5000 Systems

Roland M-5000 Digital Mixing Systems are complete packages that feature the M-5000 Live Mixing Console and a variety of digital snakes, splitters, recorders, players and personal mixers. While the console on its own runs upwards of $22,000 (and that’s street price!), the digital mixing systems give you more bang for your buck by bundling in… Read More »

Bose F1 Flexible Array System

  The F1 Flexible Array System is a brand new loudspeaker system from Bose. It’s the first portable, powered loudspeaker system on the market that offers user-controllable vertical coverage patterns. Now you have the flexibility to adjust your coverage patterns based on audience location and speaker positioning! This portable powered loudspeaker system is perfect for… Read More »

Soundcraft Si Impact: Compact and Affordable 32-Channel Mixer

There are plenty of 32-channel mixers on the market today, but not many are as compact and affordable as the Soundcraft Si Impact. This digital mixing console blends the simple and logical layout of traditional analog consoles with digital workflow enhancements like digital signal processing (DSP) and the unique FaderGlow system. Soundcraft used their 40… Read More »