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Empirical Labs EQ and Mic Preamp

High quality equalizers and microphone preamplifiers are hard to come by in today’s oversaturated market. Luckily there are Empirical Labs EQ and Mic Preamp devices that stand above the competition. The ELQ Lil FrEQ equalizer and EL9 Mike-E microphone preamplifier are constructed from high reliability parts and military-grade switches and relays. They’re also hand wired… Read More »

UA Apollo 8 Audio Interfaces

The Thunderbolt protocol has become a standard in the music industry. It’s no surprise that Universal Audio has designed an entire line of hardware that utilizes it. The UA Apollo 8 audio interfaces represent a continuation of the Apollo legacy, adding in new technological advances to surpass the beloved classic. The three new models (Apollo… Read More »

Nexo NXAMP for Sale

In the market for a power amplifier to drive your Nexo speaker system? Something that not only offers amazing drive and performance, but parameter control as well? Then you need to see the Nexo NXAMPs for sale at Muzeek World! These units provide a combination of parameter control, protection and amplification of all Nexo loudspeaker… Read More »

Biamp Tesira Processors

The world of business relies on clear communication, whether that takes place in a conference room or across multiple rooms. Corporations and companies need to operate at an efficient level, and the technology driving their speech needs to be on par. That’s where Biamp processors come in. The Oregon-based company crafts beautiful digital signal processors… Read More »

Top 2 Yamaha Amplifier Series for Sale

Power amplifiers are necessary components in sound systems. The power amps are responsible for driving clear, clean sound through the speakers. In terms of high-end power amplifiers, you get what you pay for. Yamaha has two fantastic, higher end lines of amplifiers: the Yamaha PC1N Series and the Yamaha TXn Series. Yamaha has been building… Read More »

Affordable Yamaha Power Amplifiers

A power amplifier is an essential component in sound systems. It’s what drives sound and clarity through the speakers. Higher-end models offer top-of-the-line quality, but aren’t merciful on wallets. Fortunately, Yamaha has two affordable lines of power amplifiers: the P-S Series and the XP Series. Both lines are well constructed, lightweight, versatile and feature Yamaha-exclusive… Read More »

Yamaha Powered Mixers

The EMX Series is a line of all-in-one powered mixers from Yamaha. A powered mixer can be defined as a combination of a mixer and power amplifier. This combination helps keep live sound system equipment to a minimum. There are five models in the EMX Series, all of which can function in both indoor and… Read More »

Benefits of Bose PM8500 Amplifier

Bose PM8500 Amplifier Bose has always been a king of manufacturing sound producing products. Among several other manufacturing companies prevailing in the market of sound producing products, Bose has always preserved its place at the front. All its products are equally consistent in performing efficiently and producing finest quality of sound. Bose PM8500 Amplifier is… Read More »